Poster Usage

12 Aug 2021  Eaternity  1 min read.

Why is it important to know the CO₂ emissions from food?

⅓ of all man-made greenhouse gases come from our food. The savings that can be achieved through climate-friendly nutrition exceed those in transportation and energy. This motivates us to show you how to eat climate friendly.

Poster usage

The poster makes an ideal addition to any refrigerator. Whether at home, in the kitchen of your company canteen, in the classroom of your school or the kindergarten of your children. As well as, of course, on the front door of your supermarket.

In 3 simple steps you reach your goal:

  • 1: Order poster
  • 2: Hang up the poster
  • 3: There is no third step

How does it work?

On our poster, basic foods are divided into areas based on their CO₂ footprint. If we consume the food in the green area in the middle, we have a footprint that is 50% better than the average and thus already reach our climate goals.

In the white area we eat better, in the orange area worse than the average. Food in the red area is at least twice as bad as our average diet. From the center of the circle to the outermost edge, the CO₂ values become exponentially larger.


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